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Scents and sensitivity – A Valentines Day classic

Valentines Day has arrived. And you're either crossing your fingers for perfumes, flowers, and candy – or wishing the calendar could just skip a day. For many people, the falling temperatures in February bring about a different kind of realization – that they have tooth sensitivity. You know, that sharp pain when you breathe in this frigid air or bite into something cold. Treatment for sensitive teeth depends on the underlying cause, so you should definitely speak to your dentist. Common causes of sensitive teeth include:
  • Tooth decay
  • Broken, cracked and worn teeth that expose a tooth's nerve
  • An uneven bite or grinding your teeth
  • Poor dental care - either over-brushing or not bushing enough
  • Acidic foods and drinks can dissolve enamel
  • Medical issues such as neck or face pain, sinus infections or TMJ syndrome
  • Gastric reflux and eating disorders
Remember that prevention really is the best cure. So don't be shy come in and see one of our great dentists! Oh and - Happy Valentine’s day!
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